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Information about the main editor

Andrey Victorovich KIRICHEK - Editor-in-Chief of Scientific and Technical Journal “Bulletin of Bryansk State Technical University”

Andrey Victorovich Kirichek, Doctor of Eng. (2000), Professor (2001), Honorary Worker of Higher Vocational Education of the Russian Federation, Pro-Rector for Long-Term Development of the Bryansk State Technical University (BSTU), head of the laboratory of wave strain and combined hardening in additive and subtractive technologies.

He was born in 1964 in Murom, Vladimir region. In 1986 he graduated from the Vladimir Polytechnic Institute and received a Diploma on specialty “Engineering Techniques, Machine-tools and Tools”.

In 1992 he graduated from the full-time post graduate courses of the Moscow Instrument Engineering Institute and defended the Candidate thesis on specialty 05.02.08. In 1998 he graduated from the Doctorate study of the Vladimir State University and in 1999 in the Dissertation Council of MSTU “STANKIN” defended the Doctoral thesis on specialty 05.02.08 – Engineering Techniques.

During his labor activities he worked as an assistant, assistant professor, head of the department of the Murom Institute (Branch) of the Vladimir State University (1988-2001); head of the department, Director of Polikarpov Technological Institute of the Orel State Technical University (2002-2012); Pro-Rector for Scientific Work of the South-Western State University (2013-2014); Pro-Rector of BSTU – since 2015 and up to now. He headed departments: “Tool Production”, “Engineering Techniques, Machines and Tools”, “Engineering Techniques and Design-Technological Informatics”.

A.V. Kirichek is an editor-in-chief of the scientific-technical journal “Bulletin of Bryansk State Technical University” and the series of collective monographs “Mechanical Engineering: Techniques, Equipment, Staff” (Moscow, “Spectrum” Publishing House, issued 27 editions). He is a member of editorial boards of the journals: “Hardening Technologies and Coatings” (Moscow); “Reference Book. Engineering Journal with Appendix” (Moscow); “Science Intensive Technologies in Mechanical Engineering” (Bryansk); “Fundamental and Applied Problems of Technology and Techniques” (Orel); “Proceedings of South-Western State University”, series “Technologies and Techniques” (Kursk); “Bulletin of SUrSU” series “Mechanical Engineering” (Chelyabinsk).

A.V. Kirichek trained 12 Candidates and 3 Doctors of Eng, since 2000 he is a member of dissertation councils on specialties: 05.02.08; 05.02.07 (05.03.01); 05.02.09; 05.16.09; 05.13.18. He is an author (co-author) of more than 470 patents, 10 monographs, 24 manuals. Under the editorship of A.V. Kirichek there are issued more than 30 books. He has published more than 200 papers in reviewed scientific-technical journals, including more than 150 papers in journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), 30 papers in editions indexed in Scorpus, 11 papers – in Web of Science. Hirsh index in RISC – 17; Scopus – 5.

A.V. Kirichek is a full member of Tsiolkovsky Cosmonautics Academy of Russia, a corresponding member of the Russian Engineering Academy and Prokhorov Engineering Sciences Academy of the RF. He is decorated with Tsiolkovsky and Keldysh medals of the Russian Cosmonautics Federation and rewarded with honorary title of “Honored Worker of the Space Engineering”, with Korolyov Order.

Basic Subjects of Scientific Investigations
1. Fundamental theoretical and applied basis of metal and alloy hardening with a deformation wave, regularities of hardening and material plastic deformation in the course of static-pulse processing in correlation with a form, amplitude, duration, energy and a duty cycle of a prolonged pulse generated by an impact system with the intermediate unit-waveguide.
2. Increase of carrying capacity, operational properties, quality and life of products by combined hardening by a nonconventional combination of deformation, thermal and chemical-thermal impacts in a single engineering process by the organization of a regulated multilevel structure of constructional material hardened heterogeneously with natural reinforcement by gradient ultrafine-grained and nano-structural objects.
3. Theory and practice, equipment and techniques of combined additive-subtractive hardening technologies.
4. Theory and practice of nonconventional fields of plastic shaping application: thread rolling on hard-to-machine materials, rolling curvilinear-profiled coarse threads, taper threads, efficient tools and techniques based on the stabilization of the immediate contact patch area, on the optimization of a stress-strain state of jointed areas of a tool and a blank, on the identification of efficient deformation procedures.
5. Engineering personnel neuronet quality metering for science intensive production.

The investigations are supported with grants of the Russian Fund for Basic Researches No.14-08-00112 “Metal Nano-structuring with Impact-Wave Method” (2014-2016) No. 12-08-97559 r “Investigation of Local Surface-Volume Plastic Deformation of Heterogeneous Stress-Strain Properties of Material at Wave Deformation and Its Life under Conditions of Local Cyclic Contact Overloads” (2009 - 2010); No.03-01-96481 “Investigation of Regularities in Formation and Impact of Deformation Wave upon Properties of Material Loaded” (RC CCR 2003 - 2005), and also with the grant of the President of the RF MD-3816.2004.8 “Development of Static-Pulse Processing Technology and Tooling for Its Realization” (2004 – 2005). Participants of the scientific school are Laureates of some grants of the President and RFBR.

An actual importance of results and the profundity of projects scientific study was a reason for the decision-making in 2016 by the Fund of Development Investigations (FDI) and by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF on the formation of the laboratory for wave deformation and combined hardening in additive and subtractive technologies with above 200 mln. rubles of financial support for tests in the BSTU during three years. The BSTU laboratory is the only one of FPIT in the regions of the CFA.

To achieve the purposes specified the partnership relations with the leading research centers of the country are formed, such as the Central Material Research Institute (Saint-Petersburg); Blagonravov Machine Science Institute of the RAS (Moscow); the Institute of Structural Macro-kinetics and Material Science Problems of the RAS (Chernogolovka); SC “Central Research Institute of Fine Mechanical Engineering (Klimovsk); SC “Central Research Institute “Burevestnik” (Nizhny Novgorod). Investigations are carried out in the interests of SC “Scientific-Production Corporation “Uralswagonzavod”, Korolyov Missile-Space Corporation “Energy”, Khrunichev State Space Scientific-production Center, SC “Trust of Aero-space Defense ”Almaz-Antey”, PSC “United Aircraft Corporation”.

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