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Journal "Vestnik BSTU" 4 (12) 2006


Kulbovsky I.K., Ivashcenkov J.M. Choice of optimum chemical compound of steel 20 for cast a railway transportation. In work research of dependences between mechanical prop-erties of steel 20 and its chemical compound is carried out. Have defined mathematical de-pendences and the equations of regress with use of program Excel.

Krasnjatov D.S. Influence of the chemical compound on mechanical properties and struc-ture of gray alloyed pig-iron of casting Sleeve of the cylinder of locomotive diesel engine 100. Influence of a chemical compound on mechanical properties and structure of grey alloyed pig-iron of casting Sleeve of the cylinder is investigated. The equations of dependences be-tween a chemical compound and mechanical properties, mechanical properties and structure of pig-iron are deduced. The optimum chemical compound of casting Sleeve of the cylinder of locomotive diesel engine 100, providing optimum properties and structure of pig-iron is of-fered.

Lagerev A.V., Lagerev I.A. Optimum design of the common crane roll shaft. Optimum sizes definition that provide minimum weight of the common crane roll shaft of 4 perspective types are under consideration in this article.

Gogolev I.G., Drokonov A. M, Hikolaew A. D. The effect of sediment in the stream part on the turbo machinery operation characteristics. The paper considers turbo machinery operation conditions with stream part clogged with sediment. The work describes the consequences of the sediment in blade passages effecting turbine stage characteristics.

Ivaschenko N.., Pakhomov Y.., Kiselyov S.. Overall and power density comparative estimation of marine slow-speed diesel engines with crank and crank-less drive mechanisms. Overall and power density estimation is carried out for slow-speed marine engines with crank-less drive mechanisms in comparison with conventional engines. Power density equation for both variants is designed.

Kuzmichev R.V., M.V. Skorohod M.V., Aronov A.A. About expediency of main steamgas units use in system of Russian open society "united energy community". In this article is considered the question of an opportunity of main steamgas units application as peak, halfpeak and base power units on power stations of Russia.

Fedyaeva G.A., Fedyaev V.N. The influence of dynamical process in IGBT transistors to stress loaders in asynchronous traction drive at emergency modes in voltage inverter. The influence of IGBT transistors internal properties to stress loaders in electrical traction drive of diesel locomotive traction drive at emergency modes in voltage inverters is represented. The asynchronous traction drive with the most exactly transistors models is modeled. The quantity appraisal of dynamical loaders lowering with using the IGBT transistors is given.

Simukov I.V. Rotary internal-combustion engine: reality and prospects. New rotary internal-combustion engine construction has the following features: Stator in the form of circle, bimodal rotor with radial sealing elements, which allows to reduce toxicity, to increase efficiency, reliability and aggregator working life as a whole.

Averchenkov V. I., Kazakov P.V. Management of information about universe of discourse based on ontologies. The article is dedicated to new approach for management of information about universe of discourse based on ontologies. Features f ontologies and peculiarities of their design are noted. Example of design of ontology for real universe of discourse are considered.

Nikolsky S.O. Researching reliability characteristics of huge circulation software system using the Reliability Calculator software complex. This article concerns results of application of developed software complex Reliability Calculator in predicting a number of failures in huge circulation software system. Abilities of developed program and the base postulates of the underlying software reliability model described shortly.

Kazakov O. D. Budgeting system integration with strategic planning through a balanced scoring system. The article discusses specific features of a balanced scoring system as a tool of strategic planning and also of a budgeting system as a tool of short-term financial planning. Spe-cial attention is focused on their possible integration for a formation of a budgeting system con-nected to a corporate strategy.

Andriyanov S.V. Small towns: peculiarities of the organization of system of strategic management. The article discusses the use of methods of strategic management in small towns. Problems typical of small towns are analyzed and it is shown that municipal governments must employ strategic management. The article focuses on analyzing town structure and the functions of local government and on identifying specific requirements needed to design a system of stra-tegic management for municipalities. A model of a system of strategic management is proposed that takes account of peculiarities of the socio-economic management of a small town and a pos-sibility of the organization of municipalities as a form of local self-government.

Erohin D.V., Galushko D.V. Theoretical bases of an estimation of competitive potential of the industrial enterprise. The questions of an estimation of competitive potential of the indus-trial enterprise are considered.

Sklyar E. N., Zverkovich I. O. Research of models of the corporate social responsibility used in world practice. The questions of formation of models of the corporate social responsibility used in world practice (European, American, Russian, British) are considered the basic dis-tinctions of models are analyzed.

Lunyov M.Y. Economic and social aftereffects of structural disproportions in industry. In the article tendencies of structural changes of Russian industry reanalyzed. After effects of structural skewnesses and vertical disintegrations are considered.

Lobeeva V.M. Morality as is understood by B.N. Chicherin. The heads of the work deal with the conception of morality in its normative functional manifestation given by the Russian phi-losopher B.N. Chicherin.

Akulova E. A. On the Realization of a Humanization Principle in the System of Higher Technical Education. In this paper the author deals with the peculiarities of the Russian higher technical educational system, analyzes the disadvantages of the traditional approach to specialists training and makes an effort to reveal the ways to overcome the difficulties. One of the solutions to the problem is the realization of a humanization principle. It involves the humanitarian knowledge role rethinking, the innovaional pedagogical technologies collaboration including new informational technologies which are of great significance among the latter.

Marina A.N. Foreign language as a component of professional training of specialists in modern conditions. There is considered the problem of necessity of studying foreign languages in modern higher technical institutions. The problem of future engineers training is analyzed and some ways of its improving are suggested. There is described the experience of teaching foreign languages in BSTU.

Ryabov V.M. The teaching-methodical complexes in educational process. There is considered a problem of perfection the teaching and educational process from positions of complex didactic maintenance. There are resulted classification and structure of teaching methodical complexes, the order of their development.

Strelets V.B., aits O.G. Rules of the decision of text problems on hydraulics. The clear methods of the transformation of the verbal text of the problem is Considered in system of the equations (the mathematical model) on base of the system base molded the hydraulics.

Androsenko V.A., Salikhov V.H. The Group structure of quadruple integral. Transfor-mations of quadruple integral have been considered and its group structure has been obtained.

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