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Journal "Vestnik BSTU" 1 (25) 2010

Founder is the federal State budgetary
Educational Institution Higher Professional
Education "Bryansk State Technical University"

Editorial board:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Fedonin O. N.

Deputy editor-in-chief
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Sazonov S.P.

Executive secretary
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Tatarintsev V.A.

Members of the editorial board
Averchenkov V.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Buhach A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Gorlenko O.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Erohin D.V, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Klimenko S.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)
Kobischanov V.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Petreshin D.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Pruteanu O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Romania)
Sitazh M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Smolentsev V.P, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Voronezh)
Stepanishev A.F, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor. (Bryansk)
Suslov A.G, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Moscow)
Khandozhko A.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Heifetz M.L, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Belarus)

Registration certificate
by Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation
in Mass Media and the protection of cultural heritage
PI FS77-21709 August 17, 2005

Address editorial office:
7, Bulvar 50-letiya Oktyabrya,
Bryansk, 241035, Russian Federation
tel. (4832) 58-82-77
e - mail:

The subscription index of catalogue
Russia press - 18945 semi-annual,
15621 annual.

It is issued in February 2004.
4 numbers a year


Bishutin S.G. Condition of thin superficial structures ground details and their change dur-ing friction. The results of experimental researches of features of formation of superficial layers of details from constructional materials are submitted at grinding and during friction. The physi-cal phenomena accompanying formation of nonequilibrium condition of superficial layers are described.
Key words: grinding of materials, friction of sliding, thermal influence, power influence, a structural - phase condition, superficial layer.

Gorlenko .., Kljushnikov M.L., Shets S.P. The method for tribotehnical tests of friction-less bearings. There are description of experimental installation, technique of researches of wear process of frictionless bearings at use of various marks of plastic lubricants.
Key words: lubricant; friction pair; constant of rolling friction, data gathering system, frictionless bearings, tribotehnical tests.

Terekhov M.V., Averchenkov A.V. Automatization of selecting optimal cutting tool for the manufacturing equipment with cnc. The problems of automatic selection of optimal cutting tool. We describe the developed software modules to automate the selection of cutting tools with interchangeable nonresharpened plates.
Key words: tool, cutter, removable plate, Cutting, CAD, automated system, CNC.

Kulbovsky I.K., Poddubny A.N., Bogdanov R.A. Influence of the electronic structure of atoms on phase structure of the alloy. Dependence of physical and chemical properties of ele-ments on total value of potentials of ionization their valent electrons and electronic concentration of alloys is considered. Methods of definition of electronic concentration of alloys and a tech-nique of forecasting on its basis of areas of existence of firm solutions, intermediate phases and chemical compounds of alloys are developed.
Key words: value of potential of ionisation valency electron an element, electronegativity.

Kapustin R. P. Kombinirovannfyy centrifugal defogger for hydraulic system helmsmen of governing the car. The Broughted results of the comparative stand test on clear worker to liq-uids hydraulic system helmsmen of governing the cargo car from mechanical admixtures by me-chanical filter and multifunction centrifugal defogger, consisting of hydrocyclone and centrifug-es.
Key words: hydraulic system, worker liquid, contamination, dispersed composition, defogger.

Aksyutenkov V.T. Titenok A.V. Timakov A.K. The expansion of the characteristics range in the bearings with higher kinematic pairs. The article concerns the possibility of increase of the angular amplitude of fluctuations of a fixed member in the reciprocating motion bearings with higher kinematic pairs in order to expand the main characteristics: upper base horizontal displacement, angle of release and bond angle.
Key words: bearing, kinematic pair, bond angle, angle of friction, locking mechanism.

Potapov L.A., Maklakov V.P. Influence of the magnetic number of Reynold on speed-torque characteristic of the electromagnetic brake with solid rotor. Considered the influence of the magnetic number of Reynold on speed-torque characteristic of the electromagnetic brake with solid ferromagnetic rotor. Considered the diagrams of dependence critical value of torque and magnetic number of Reynold from parameters of brake.
Key words: electromagnetic brake, solid ferromagnetic rotor, speed-torque characteristic.

Obozov A.A. Definision of the politropic coefficient of gas expantion process in the cylinder of the marine diesel engine. The investigation results of the gas expansion process polytrophic coefficient of the marine diesel engine 6S50MC-C are presented. The performance showing the relationship between polytrophic coefficient and crank angle is proposed to use for solving diagnostics problems connected with fuel equipment malfunction.
Key words: Marine low-speed diesel engine, indicated process, gas expansion process polytrophic coefficient, technical diagnosis.

Gogolev I.G., Nikolaeva T.A., Drokonov A.M. Gas compressor station power equipment acoustics. The paper considers the results of the studies of mainline gas lines gas pumping unit acoustics.
Key words: acoustic pressure, gas-pumping unit, gas engine compressor, gas turbine engine, electric drive, supercharger.

Gulakov V.K., Buyval A.K., Parshikov P.A. The distributed approach as a method of oper-ative management of the project. The approach to the decision of a problem of the distributed coordination of changes of the schedule of the project is considered, works on which are carried out with the list of the independent subcontractors operating own resources. The agent-based methodology the compensatory negotiations, based on representation of utility of timing as transferable money and use of schedule-change option for the description of influences on the schedule is described.
Keywords: agent-based modelling, the distributed coordination, the project schedule, utility, social welfare function, compensatory negotiations.

Gorlenko O.A., Safonov A.L. Using application programming interface of CAD system by example module of optimization CAD KOMPAS-3D. There are advantages of using of spe-cialized program modules of CAD systems to the decision of tasks of designing in article. Mod-ule of CAD system KOMPAS-3D developed by the author article is described. It realized a task of conditional optimization. Its work for an example of an element of an electric connector is demonstrated.
Key words: CAD system, specialized engineering program module, electric connector, optimi-zation problem, Box method.

Averchenkov V.I., Leonov Y.A. Use of analytical hierarchy method for the problem solu-tion automatize choice of efficient locating charts of blank. Consider possibility of application one of the mathematics methods decision-making for the problem solution automatize choice of efficient locating charts of blank. Report the method and common algorithm of assigned task so-lution with use of analytical hierarchy method.
Key words: locating charts, analytical hierarchy method, automatize choice, engineering process.

Lukianova N.V., Poljakova I.P. Neuronet simulation of initial diagnosis statement using data of body surface mapping for patients with WPW syndrome. This article presents neu-ronet model for dimensionality reduction of body surface mapping data. The model is based on unsupervised learning algorithm and using for feature extraction. The self-organizing map is used for initial diagnosis statement. The suggested model was used for localization establishing of abnormal way of electric impulse for patients with WPW syndrome.
Key words: neural networks, generalized Hebbian algorithm, self-organizing map, body surface mapping.

Bugaev Yu. V., Mironova M. S., Nikitin B. E., Chaikovsky A. S. The system of support of decision-making on the basis of extrapolation of expert estimations by the method of the maximum credibility. The system of support of the decision-making intended for carrying out group examination at ranging alternatives on serial and stronger scales is presented in the article. The given system realises a voting procedure on the basis of the maximum credibility principle, being one of the variants of extrapolation of expert estimations method.
Key words: alternative, a method of extrapolation of expert estimations, credibility function, a collective choice.

Gulakov V.K., Trubakov A.O. Performance comparison of multidimensional hash-structures: Grid files and PLOP. In this paper we consider the two multidimensional hashing schemes (with directory and without them). We make some experiment and compare perfor-mance this structures on the practical data distributions.
Key words: multidimensional data structures; hashing; Grid file; PLOP.

Getmanova .. Computer modelling of nonlinear fluctuations. Nonlinear oscillations under coulomb friction, oscillations of the bodies concluded between two springs which rigidity is giv-en by a partially-straight-line characteristic is considered by Flash and MathCAD softwares. It is shown, that mathematical and graphic modeling allows understanding easily the basic features of the given nonlinear oscillatory processes
Key words: flash technology, nonlinear oscillations, coulomb friction, computer modeling.

Shalimov P.J. Model of the presentation and quantitative estimation of the knowledges. The mathematical model is offered for presentation and quantitative estimation of the knowledges, founded on notion information ambience. the considered questions of simulation modeling. the intended approaches to collation parameter models and intellectual object, forecastings of his development.
ey words: information, information ambience, model of the presentation of the knowledges, quantitative estimation of the knowledges, forecasting.

Filicheva .. Analysis applied to fuzzy-set approach to education quality review of gov-ernment officials. The article is concerned with the theory of dataware development of quality system review of educational services provided by the institution. It reflects the bases of applica-tion of fuzzy-set approach methods to educational system analysis and suggests qualitative indi-cators by means of linguistic variables.
Key words: quality system, review, educational system, fuzzy-set theory methods, linguistic variables.

Dergacheva E.A. Dialectics of rational and irrational in the society and nature investiga-tions. The correlation of rational and irrational is investigated.
Key words: rational, irrational, society, nature, sociobiospheric development.

Galyuzhin A.S. Dehumidification of Compressed Air by the Magnetic Field. The analysis of different ways of compressed air dehumidification is presented. The paper also describes a brand new technique according to which the magnetic field is created in the dehumidifier in such a way that a water particle is affected by the total force consisting of the centrifugal force of inertia and the Lorentz force. The diagram and the principle of operation of the centrifugal-magnetic dehu-midifier are given.
Key words: compressed air; dehumidification; centrifugal force; magnetic field.

Korsakov A.V., Mihalev V.P., Bufalov A.N., Dubovik T.B., Popov S.A., Pugach L.I. Influ-ence of background tehnogenno-toxic and radioactive impurity of environment on health of the population of the Bryansk region. Integral ecological hygienic assessment of environmental conditions in all areas of Bryansk region over a decade (from 1998 till 2007) is given as far as radiation (as the result of the Chernobyl catastrophe), toxic-chemical (as the result of industrial emissions accumulation) and combined radioactive-toxic components are concerned. Correlations of environmental changes with primary morbidity of infantile, adolescent and adult population are analyzed.
Key words: background technogenic toxic environmental pollution, radioactive environmental pollution density, ecological well-being, primary morbidity, correlation.

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