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Journal "Vestnik BSTU" 2 (26) 2010

Founder is the federal State budgetary
Educational Institution Higher Professional
Education "Bryansk State Technical University"

Editorial board:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Fedonin O. N.

Deputy editor-in-chief
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Sazonov S.P.

Executive secretary
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Tatarintsev V.A.

Members of the editorial board
Averchenkov V.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Buhach A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Gorlenko O.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Erohin D.V, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Klimenko S.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)
Kobischanov V.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Petreshin D.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Pruteanu O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Romania)
Sitazh M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Smolentsev V.P, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Voronezh)
Stepanishev A.F, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor. (Bryansk)
Suslov A.G, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Moscow)
Khandozhko A.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Heifetz M.L, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Belarus)

Registration certificate
by Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation
in Mass Media and the protection of cultural heritage
PI FS77-21709 August 17, 2005

Address editorial office:
7, Bulvar 50-letiya Oktyabrya,
Bryansk, 241035, Russian Federation
tel. (4832) 58-82-77
e - mail:

The subscription index of catalogue
Russia press - 18945 semi-annual,
15621 annual.

It is issued in February 2004.
4 numbers a year


Medvedev D. M. One-step technological providing of wear resistance of cylindrical surfaces of machine parts by machining work. The results of theoretical and experimental researches under the decision of a problem of one-step technological providing of wear resistance of cylindrical surfaces of machine parts at a stage of a design-technological preparation of manufacture was considered.
Key words: wear resistance, one-step, technological providing, machining, turning, polishing, cylindrical surfaces, machine parts

Bishutin S.G. Increase of operational characteristics of materials of details of pairs friction at grinding. The opportunity of increase of operational characteristics of materials of pairs friction is shown on the basis of regulation of thermal and power influences on a superficial layer by a choice of rational modes of grinding.
Key words: operational characteristics, grinding, thermal influence, power influence, a condition of a superficial layer.

Averchenkov A.V., Simuni A.E. Automation constructing control programs for multi-functional cnc based optimal strategy processing. The problems of automatic selection of optimal processing strategies in the formation of control programs for CNC machine tools. A description is given of software process automation control programs for the formation of multifunctional CNC machine tools based on the selection of optimal processing strategies. The place of the system developed in an integrated CAD companies.
Key words: design and technological elements of form, strategy processing, CAD, automated system, CNC.

Kosmynin A.V., Scthetinin V.S., Smirnov A.V. The influence of angle between the poles of magnetic conducor in gas-magnetic bearing of spindle assembly in grinding machine on its exploitation indicators. The influence of magnetic force by angle between the poles of magnetic conductor on the bearing ability and spindle assemblys rigidity with a front gas-magnetic bearing was defined in the article. The comparative analyze of bearing ability and spindle assemblys rigidity in gas-magnetic and gas-static conditions has been done. The fields of technological using such spindle assemblies were defined.
Key words: spindle assemblies, gas-magnetic bearing, angle between the poles of magnetic conductor, spindle bearings, gas-static bearings, bearing ability, rigidity spindle assemblies.

Nikitenko A.V., Davydov V. ., Prokopenko . . Substantiation of parameters of the roughness at processing of form-building equipment by the smal sizes tool. On the basis of the analysis of requirements to operational indicators of quality of surfaces of form-building modelling equipment and the analysis of kinematics of process of engraving it is defined dependences between technological parametres of processing and parametres of a roughness of surfaces.
Key words: ngraving, roughness, neural network, modelling equipment, smal sizes tool, form-building.

Chepchurov M.S, Hurtasenko A.V, Maslova I.V. Management vibrations of tool piece at lathe treatment of big-size details. In article the management method by fluctuations of the cutting tool with use of an adaptive control system and application of an additional source of fluctuations is described. The scheme of management by vibrations, the adaptive scheme of management of the equipment with the device for lathe tooling, model of management of a phase of fluctuations is resulted. Results of modeling of processing are resulted at management of fluctuations.
Key words: the vibrations, the cutting tool, management, amplitude, frequency, a phase, the adaptive scheme of management, technological system.

Shec S.P. Wearing capacity provision methods of the bearing mount friction assemblies. It is attempted a generalized sight on a wearing capacity provision of the tribological situation of bearing mount assembly methods problems from the systems analysis position of the external and internal factors complex influence. It is proposed the system approach algorithm to a wearing capacity provision of the bearing mount friction assemblies.
Key words: method, endurance, friction pair, bearing, bearing mount assembly.

Reutov .., Goncharov .. Analysis of mutual work of belt conveyers head and intermediate drives. Stationary mode of work of belt conveyor with head and intermediate drives is considered. The mathematical model of work of drives was made, and it contains system of equations and inequalities which take into account mechanical data and tractive abilities of drives, the changing of belt tension on the different parts of conveyor, allowable belt tension, work of electric motor without overloads. The results of tractive efforts analysis are given.
Key words: belt conveyer, intermediate drive, tractive effort, losses of energy.

Tikhomirov P.V., Tikhomirov V.P. Efficiency of a grease. On example Litol-24 process of degradation of a lubricant while in service is considered. It is shown, that deterioration tribological parameters is connected to oxidation of a lubricant. The mechanism of oxidation is submitted.
Keywords: grease, efficiency, oxidation, blending, wear.

Mavrin .. Hydrodynamics and heat transfer of swirling flows using different swirler design. The technique and results of researches ring installations for transfer tep-lovoj are presented energy on unit of the area of a liquid of small metal consumption.
Key words: swirlers, thermal energy, hydrodynamics, the heat exchange, the twirled streams, vinto-vye inserts.

Bondarenko V. N., Bondarenko I. R., Volkov D.Y. Research of the scale and deposits failure process by refining the pipes of the heat exchanging sets using cleansing heads with transit time opening cleaning elements. Peculiarities of the scale and deposits failure in the pipes of the heat exchanging sets by using cleansing heads with transit time opening cleaning elements were considered in the article. Process dependent parameters of refining were obtained on basis of analysis of force interaction between cleaning elements and deposits.
Key words: cleansing heads of transit time action, pipes of the heat exchanging sets, process dependent parameters of refining.

Lagerev A.V., Zueva E.P. Methods and algorithms Cad system of the console stationary cranes. Iterative methods are presented , including mathematical models of metal ware elements projecting, basic mechanisms and building crane junctions, as well as CAD system algorithms of the console stationary cranes of constructive type.
Key words: console stationary crane, methods, algorithm, CAD system, mathematical model.

Averchenkov V. I, Bespalov V. A, Shkaberin V. A, Averchenkov A.V., Terekhov M. V, Parihina E.A. Creation of virtual model of machine tool DMU 125 p duoBLOCK in system VERICUT. Advantages of use of virtual preparation of manufacture are considered at designing you-sokotochnyh and the high technology products. Procedure of construction of virtual models of machine tools with in system VERICUT on an example of machine tool DMU 125 P duoBLOCK is described.
Key words: verification, virtual model of the machine tool, technological preparation proizvodst-va, CAM.

Lagerev I.A. Simulation of a bridge crane metal construction loading parameters. A methodic of bridge crane metal construction loading parameters simulation is under consideration. This methodic was applied for bridge crane which service the reinforced concrete truss production.
Key words: bridge crane, loading, loading parameters, queue system, simulation.

Simkin N.V. Verification imaging to athode ray tube video recording Fibre hannel protocol based on mixed language description in the modeling environment odelSim. The study results visualization bitmap video frames Fibre Channel protocol using a logical interface in the functional modeling environment ModelSim.
Key words: the report, a video shot, Fibre Channel, modelling, ModelSim.

Kalinin A.I. Abbreviation of labour input of application of the problemno-oriented complexes of programs for modelling of antiviruses. In article shared problems of implantation of the problemno-oriented complexes of programs at small commercial firms for the purpose of rise of security of their computer networks from harmful programs are considered.
Key words: mathematical design, antivirus, problem-oriented complexes of the programs, malwares, heuristic analyzer.

Kirichenko I.A. Technique of revealing of interrelation between the scientific in potential and innovative appeal regional educational institutions. Problems of an estimation of economic and scientific potential of high schools are considered. The algorithm of an estimation of communication between scientific potential and innovative appeal on a basis korreljatsionno-regressionnogo the analysis is offered.
Key words: innovative appeal, solvent demand, ranging of high schools, nauch th poetical, economic potential.

Popkova N.V. he anthropological legacy of russian cosmism. The article views basic philosophical conceptions of Russian cosmism. Possible results of application by these approaches in the studies on the technical world were compared. It is shown that in cosmism`s concepts the technological factors of cultural and social development, the technological determination of human life, the evolution of the social-natural global system and the technical artificial environment (technosphere) are disclosed.
Key words: Russian cosmism, technosphere, social-natural global system, humanity, nature, strategy of interaction.

Korsakov A.V. Influence of the complex of factors of the ecological trouble of environment on frequency malignant new growths at children. The comparative estimation of frequency of primary disease under all forms of malignant new growths at children of ecologically unsuccessful territories of the Bryansk region throughout the fourteen-year period (1995-2008) is resulted. Statistically authentic distinctions of frequency of malignant new growths at children in territories of ecological trouble of environment are established
Key words: malignant new growths, ecological trouble, toxic substances, density of radioactive pollution, multifactorial impurity of environment.

Babanova Yu.V. Individual styles of decision-marking processes are considered as the important substructure of the human mental activity system. Extensive materials are reviewed describing the most developed lines in psychological styles investigations: cognitive styles paradigms compared with individual styles of activity approach. Response set of acquiescence, response set of social desirability and response set of using the uncerianin of middle category into account 16-personal factory qustionary are discussed.
Key words: decision-marking, 16-personal factory qustionary, tailored testing, predictive validity.

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