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Journal "Vestnik BSTU" 2 (30) 2011

Founder is the federal State budgetary
Educational Institution Higher Professional
Education "Bryansk State Technical University"

Editorial board:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Fedonin O. N.

Deputy editor-in-chief
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Sazonov S.P.

Executive secretary
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Tatarintsev V.A.

Members of the editorial board
Averchenkov V.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Buhach A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Gorlenko O.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Erohin D.V, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Klimenko S.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)
Kobischanov V.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Petreshin D.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Pruteanu O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Romania)
Sitazh M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Smolentsev V.P, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Voronezh)
Stepanishev A.F, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor. (Bryansk)
Suslov A.G, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Moscow)
Khandozhko A.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Heifetz M.L, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Belarus)

Registration certificate
by Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation
in Mass Media and the protection of cultural heritage
PI FS77-21709 August 17, 2005

Address editorial office:
7, Bulvar 50-letiya Oktyabrya,
Bryansk, 241035, Russian Federation
tel. (4832) 58-82-77
e - mail:

The subscription index of catalogue
Russia press - 18945 semi-annual,
15621 annual.

It is issued in February 2004.
4 numbers a year


Buglaev V.T. To the opening 60 anniversary in BITM (BGTU) speciality Turbobuilding. The history of creation and chair "Turbobuilding" BGTU development are described. Are summed up scientific researches and preparation of engineering and scientific shots for the 60-year-old period. The contribution of chair to development of high school and country power is shown.
Key words: BITM, BGTU, turbobuilding, the speciality 60 anniversary, scientific researches, aerodynamics of turbomachines, heat exchange, preparation of experts.

Makarenko K.V. Features of formation eutectic at solidification mottled irons. Features of distribution eutectic structures in the alloyed mottled ductile iron are considered. The thermoki-netic model explaining from the point of view of the analysis of process of crystallisation of fea-ture of distribution of phases in mottled iron. From positions of the offered thermokinetic model formation of abnormal structures in mottled irons with spherical graphite in which cementite the structure is introduced in inclusions of a graphite phase is explained.
Key words: mottled iron,eutectic, crystallisation, thermokinetic model.

Bishutin S.G. Estimation of wear resistance of surfaces of friction, generated at abrasive processing. Results theoretical and experimental researches of influence of technological modes of finishing abrasive processing on wear resistance of surfaces from various constructional mate-rials are submitted.
Key words: abrasive processing; technological modes of processing, speed of wear process of a surface, wear resistance of a surface.

Grishanov A.V. Modeling of cracks at calculation of stress in antifriction layers, put on a steel basis. This report offers an algorithm of creation and calculation of strain in solid-state bodies with cracks. Here is chosen the rational geometry of the cracks top model. There are given different variants of loads application, which make allowance for the pressure of the lu-bricating liquid on the crack edges and for the determination method of the dimensions of strain localization area? In which the strain -intensity coefficient value is constant.
Key words: antifriction layer, simulations geometry of the, the finite element method, strain -intensity coefficient, pressure of the lubricating liquid.

Reutov A.A., Ivanitsky R.B. Determination of bulk cargo section sizes on the belt of curved conveyor. The calculation model of the bulk cargo section shape is suggested. Cargo section shape on the conveyor belt with inclined idlers and lateral displacement of the belt was consid-ered. The calculation results are compared with experimental values.
Key words: belt conveyor, a curved route, support rollers, bulk cargo.

Vasilev A.S., Boldyrev A.P. Creation of frictional shock-absorbers with volume spacer block. The design of the absorbing device of class 3 of new execution is presented. The new mathematical model is developed. The power characteristic of the projected absorbing device is received.
Key words: automatic coupler, absorbing devices, the volume spacer block, frictional shock-absorbers.

Korshunov V.V., Guryanov G.V. Strengthening of discs stubble thermo-diffusion method. The physical and mechanical properties of the disc stubble, hardened by the method of thermal diffusion, as well as the results of comparative tests on wear resistance and toughness.
Key words: hardening, carbonitriding, hardness, strength, durability, toughness, thermal diffu-sion.

Sakalo A.V. Contact fatigue strength of railway wheel steel. Parameters of contact fatigue curve of railway wheel steel by using numerical method are determined by means of contact fa-tigue test data processing. Computer experiments based of finite element method taking into ac-count elastoplastic deformation of test specimens material were fulfilled.
Key words: contact fatigue damage, contact fatigue curve, finite element mesh.

Boldirev A.P., Govorov V.V. heoretical and experimental polymeric elements research of spring buffer. The results of experimental researches of polymeric elements of the various geo-metrical forms. The mathematical model is developed polymer material Hytrel 5556. Carried out theoretical calculations on the basis of this model and tested its adequacy.
Key words: absorbing devices, plastics elements, mathematical model, hyperelasticite, Hytrel 5556.

Buglaev V.T., Osipov A.V., Golushko A.N., Biryukov A.V. Determination of integral char-acteristics not partial turbine pressure stage by numerical methods. In this article gives the method of calculation for the integral characteristics of the turbine stage and justified it rele-vance.
Key words: turbine stage, chamber after control stage, mathematical model, model of turbu-lence, integral characteristic of the turbine stage, numerical method of research.

Tomashevskiy S. B. Creating three-dimensional finite element model of the process of hardening of machine parts by surface plastic deformation. Here the mathematical model of the surface cold hardening process is under consideration. The correspondent computer program has been worked out. The results of mathematical modeling of the shaft's deep rolling process have been compared with the experimental data.
Key words: hardening, surface plastic deformation, the finite element method, rolling, roller.

Bormotov A.N.,.Proshin I.A, Vasilkov A.V. Research of mathematical models structuriza-tions of composite materials analytical methods. Mathematical models and analytical decisions of processes of structurization of disperse systems from the point of view of thermodynamics and cluster are offered the theory, and also methods of modelling and criteria of an estimation of accuracy of the offered mathematical device.
Key words: mathematical modelling, quality management, multicriteria synthesis, composite materials, structurization, optimization of structure and properties.

Drokonov A.M., Vlasov A.I., Nikolaev A.D. esting digital control device of turbine rotor axial thrust. The paper considers the structure of control system of Turbine Rotor Axial Thrust and presents the results of the system test on the test ring.
Key words: turbine, rotor, axial thrust, control system.

Kerkov V.G., Mochalin V.D., Tyurin G.L. Details of modeling thermal images of the objects when they are converted to other conditions of observation. Methodical apparatus for converting thermal images of objects on other conditions of observation and estimated error aris-ing from conversion of the radiation temperature.
Key words: radiation temperature, thermal imaging, conversion to other conditions.

Gulakov V.K., Trubakov A.O., Ogurcov S.N. Informativeness of texture characteristics based on gray-level co-occurrence matrix. The article discusses some aspects of the importance of texture features. The paper presents a calculation of the correlation of these characteristics and their influence on the decision rule for the content based image retrieval system (CBIR). Also reviewed the methods of texture analysis and presented their descriptions and analysis.
Key words: textures, criteria for comparison of textures, gray-level co-occurrence matrix, GLCM, correlation.

Averchenkov .V., Martynenko A.A., Terekhov M.V. utomation tool selection strategy for processing of the elementary surfaces. Described the developed advising system to auto-matic tool selection strategy for processing of the elementary surfaces
Key words: tools, cutting conditions, the CAD system, an automated system, CNC.

Miroshnikov V.V., Eshin S.V. A Bayesian network building technique for the cause analysis of products and processes defects. A bayesian network building technique for the cause analysis of products and processes defects is presented. The features of cause-effects relation-ships formal definition using graph and probability theory are considered. The mathematical body for bayesian networks and its main tasks are briefly described. A probabilistic model for cause defect analysis of electrical connectors based on bayesian network, and the examples of probabilistic inference using the created model are presented.
Keywords: root cause analysis, causality, bayesian networks, defects, quality management.

Averchenkov V.I., Leonov E.A. Mathematical model of universal multi-agent meta search Subsystem. Universal approach is offered to the interaction between meta search subsystems and search engines on the basis of separation of information about search engines and realization of the agent interacting with them. Mathematical models of unified definition format for search en-gines used as external search agents are developed. Meta search agent's adjustment processes and document search on the basis of unified descriptions are formalized.
Key words: meta search, agent-based modeling, data monitoring,search automation.

Obozov R.A. Place of regular financial risks in general classifiction. Updating of the rate of discount based on risk-analysis, provided by experts. Different types of risks are classified and described. Systematic financial risks are shown as the most important element of the risks of the enterprises. Basic aspects of risk-analysis, based on the experts estimations are revealed. An example of correction of discount rate, based on risk-counting is given.
Key words: project risks, rate of discount, risk-analysis based on subjective estimation.

Bashmakov M.G. Two methods to estimate irrationality measure for the gauss hypergeo-metric function with semi-whole parameters. Two new methods to estimate irrationality measure for certain values of Gauss hypergeometric function are consider in this work. Some of previous results were improved by this methods.
Key words: irrationality measure, hypergeometric function, arithmetic properties, logarithmic function.

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