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Journal "Vestnik BSTU" 3 (43) 2014

Founder is the federal State budgetary
Educational Institution Higher Professional
Education "Bryansk State Technical University"

Editorial board:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Fedonin O. N.

Deputy editor-in-chief
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Sazonov S.P.

Executive secretary
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Tatarintsev V.A.

Members of the editorial board
Averchenkov V.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Buhach A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Gorlenko O.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Erohin D.V, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Klimenko S.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)
Kobischanov V.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Petreshin D.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Pruteanu O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Romania)
Sitazh M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Smolentsev V.P, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Voronezh)
Stepanishev A.F, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor. (Bryansk)
Suslov A.G, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Moscow)
Khandozhko A.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Heifetz M.L, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Belarus)

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by Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation
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PI FS77-21709 August 17, 2005

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Bryansk, 241035, Russian Federation
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It is issued in February 2004.
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Averchenkov .V., Zablotskaya E. N. Automation of technological preparation of small-scale foundry products for small engineering companies based on innovative technologies layering synthesis. It considers typical design process of casting tooling for the production of various different kinds of serial and casting materials. It shows the effectiveness of the joint application of virtual simulation systems and additive technologies. The possibility of using additive technologies to develop new low-cost methods of preparation of low-melting foundry tooling and composite materials.
Key words: additive technology, CAD-systems, molds, high-tech manufacturing, shaping parts direct laser deposition of material, precision castings, small innovative companies, 3D-printer

Vereschaka .. Development process of assisted filtered cathodic-vacuum-arc deposition (AFCVAD).
Developed a process of assisted filtered cathodic-vacuum-arc deposition (AFCVAD). We used a special emitter (implantor) to generate Cr, Mo ions with high energy. Such key parameters of coatings as composition, structure, a thickness, hardness, adhesion in relation to a substrate obtained at various energy of chrome ions have been studied. A phenomenological (physical) model of assisted filtered cathodic-vacuum-arc deposition (AFCVAD), allows to predict the properties of the coatings formed on the basis of binary compounds as a function of the relationship Ra, characterizing parameters of ion implantation.
Key words: assisted filtered cathodic-vacuum-arc deposition, ion implantation, wear-resistant coatings.

Vereschaka A.A., Bublikov Yu.I., Ohanian M.G. Multilayer composite coatings for end mills: design methodology and application features.
This paper discusses the issues of improving the efficiency of cutting tool made of tungsten-free carbides (cermets) by using nano-dispersed multi-layered composite coatings formed by use of innovative processes of filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition (FCVAD). Developed compositions of nano-structured multi-layered composite coatings contributes to significant improvement of properties of cutting tool made of cermets in cutting constructional steel and expansion of their application area for machining of heat-resistant alloys.
Key words: end mills, multilayer composite coatings, efficiency, durability, HRSA and structural steels.

Vereschaka A.A., Hojaev O.Kh. Improving operational characteristics of tool from tung-sten-free carbides (cermets) by nanostructured multilayer composite coatings
The problem of choice of thermochemical treatment method for road construction machinery gear wheels was discussed in this article. The mathematical model and software were designed to organize the effective selection of surface hardening method according to required level of contact fatigue resistance. The software was applied to design a technology of the hard loaded gear wheels thermochemical treatment.
Key words: tungsten-free carbides (cermets), nanostructured multilayer composite coatings, tool life.

Zernin M.V. Tests for equivalence of the stress state and the generalized stress-strain dia-gram babbitt Tin-based.
Describes the methodologies and results of experimental investigations on the basis of tin babbitt in different types of stress. Specification of parameters of the criterion of equivalence of states of stress and strain diagram obtained single babbitt.
Key words: tin-based babbitt metal, plastic properties, multiaxial stress state, the Cree-ter of equivalence, the generalized stress-strain diagram

Ignashkina A.V. Methodology for quality products.
This article discusses the triangulation method of measuring and measuring devices based on this method. Structural and schematic diagrams of measuring system developed, electronic components selected and template for making printed circuit board prepared.
Key words: triangulation, measuring system, quality

Kusovov S.S., Makarenko K.V., Ilushkin D.A. Features hot cracking under temperature variability pouring steel castings.
The analysis of influence of the sequence of charging of moulds on the number of hot cracks in steel castings. The mechanism of formation of hot cracks at low charging temperatures.
Key words: hotcracks, steelcastings, castingtemperature, crackresistance, stopper ladle

Kulikov M.U., Nechaev D.A., Inozemsev V.E., Rygin R.E. Development of a design tool for the anode-mechanical honing holes.
This article discusses the design khon providing efficiency anode-mechanical precision honing holes, ways to improve productivity and quality of machined surfaces for honing holes.
Key words: anode-mechanical honing, hone, quality assurance, roughness, surface treated

Lagerev A.V., Tolkachev E.N. Mathematical model of a special conveyor with suspended belt and distributed drive.
Mathematical model of a conveyor with suspended belt and distributed drive is developed. The modeling results presented in the article.
Key words: mathematical model, conveyor with suspended belt, distributed drive, discrete section, sus-pension

Reutov A.A., Averchenkov V.I. Analysis of the effectiveness of the intermediate drive of the traction rope.
The construction and operation of the belt drive of the traction rope are considered. Formulas for calculating tractive force of the traction rope, the coefficient of efficiency of the mechanical part drive and the sliding speed of the rope for a belt are received. It is shown that for enhance the coefficient of efficiency necessary to increase the rigidity of the belt, to reduce friction of the belt along the guide and belt tension. Belt drive of the trac-tion rope should be used at places of small bends in areas of high tension of the rope.
Key words: the intermediate drive, the traction rope, the belt, the coefficient of efficiency, the sliding speed

Sapich V.N., Strebkov A.S.,Kurbatskaya N.A. Assessment of fuel economy when re-ducing losses of uncondensed steam in the manufacture of pulp and paper productions.
It is considered different ways to reduce losses in the manufacture of pulp and paper productions. It is made the assessment of fuel economy when reducing losses uncondensed steam in different types of steam systems of paper machines. It is determined optimal variant of updating of steam and condensate system.
Key words: steam and condensate system, paper machine, uncondensed steam,drying cylinder, separator, slow response separator, vapor compressor, parallel steam supply system, cascading steam supply system, reference fuel

Sinitsyn V. V., Kobishchanov V. V. Assessment of influence of the lever drive of an auto-mode on parameters of brake system of the car.
The influence of design features and technological tolerance lever in the drive automatic behavior of the standard design for deviations of pressure in the brake cylinders from standard level, and therefore reducing the effectiveness of the brakes and the possibility of a skid. The application conditions of the actuator with regard to the method of calculation of the brake.
Key words: automode, operational reliability, lever drive, suspension deflection

Tikhomirov V.P., Izmerov M.A., Tikhomirov P.V. Fractal model of engineering surfaces
Developed fractal model of engineering surfaces, allowing a certain authenticity to describe ir-regular and complex objects, sufficient to account for most of the peculiarities of the structure of the surface layer rough surface, and use it when solving problems of contact interaction
Key words: fractal model, surface engineering, fractal dimension, self-similarity, chemoaffinity, the radius of the top of the ledge, anisotropy

Tikhomirov V.P., Novikova N.N. Application of neurocomputing robust design to optimize the friction sintered powder material.
The paper presents a methodology for selecting the optimal composition of the friction sintered powder material to the safety of the friction devices using a neurocomputer robust design to reduce the search time and reduce the cost of the experiment and the analysis of the computational experiment.
Key words: robust design, neurocomputer modeling, orthogonal matrix, the signal-to-noise

Fedonin O.N., Syanov S.Yu., Fomchenkova N.I. Management tool wear and performance of technological process parameters of spark erosion machining.
The factors that have a major influence on the wear of the electrode tool and the productivity process in EDM processing. Based on this theoretical and empirical dependence relationship of volumetric wear of the tool and process performance with the technological parameters of processing that allows controlling the wear and performance with the help of technological pa-rameters of processing.
Keywords: electrical discharge machining, the performance of the process, the electrode-tool, tool wear, technological parameters of processing

Fedyaev G.A., Tarasov A.N., Kovalev R.W., Smorudova T.V. ontrol of traction and braking hybrid shunting locomotive with asynchronous traction motors.
Principles of the management system asynchronous traction drive hybrid shunting locomotive at the limit of adhesion of the wheels and rails in modes of traction and electrical braking and procedures for the development of complex Electromechanical model of the locomotive, the results of the simulation of the dynamics of the acceleration of the locomotive when the realization of the ultimate traction.
Key words: locomotive TEM9H, traction motor, induction motors, control system, joint regulation of engines, maximum tractive and braking effort, dynamic loads

Sheptunov S.A., Solomentsev Y.M., Sukhanova N. V., I.S. Kabak. Improvement of the ur-ban transport management system with elements of artificial intelligence.
In this article are developed wants to the monorail transport system, described structure of control system. There were choused tools for the realization of the control system on the base of artificial neuron networks.
Key words: control, monorail transport system, cars on the airbag , structure, wants, neuron networks.

Yahutlov M.M., Batyrov U.D., Kardanova M.R., Deunezhev Z.N., Gutov A.A. Investigation of temperature stresses in the instrumental diamond-containing composite.
By numerical simulations, investigated the temperature stresses in the diamond-containing composite on a polymeric binder. It is shown that the maximum stresses intensity occurs in the layer of matrix that has contact with the grain. It was investigated the influence on the temperature stresses in the system thermal conductivity of matrix and the coating material on the grain.
Key words: diamond, the polymer matrix, the mathematical model , temperature field, temperature stresses

Aleshko R.A., Bekmeshev A.U., Vasendina I.S., Guriev A.T., Karlova T.V., Shoshina K.V., Shchenikov V.S. The monitoring and management of spatial heterogeneous objects (for ex-ample, the Solovetsky Archipelago).
The article deals approaches to establish an information system for monitoring and managing spatial heterogeneous objects the archipelago. The technology of continuous production and processing of spatial data. Describe work on the use of unmanned aircraft for taking pictures with their further automated processing of thematic and further use of the data in geographic information system.
Key words: : heterogeneous spatial objects, geographic information system, unmanned aerial vehicles, thematic interpretation

Gulakov V.K., Klepinin S.B. Using subfractals for coding and image recognition.
Considered fractal image coding for image recognition, analyzed the spatial distribution of matching domain and rank blocks received during the encoding process. A new method of con-struction of fractal code that is designed to minimize the influence of defects in image recogni-tion quality.
Key words:fractal, system iterable functions, recognition of images, fractal image code, subfractals.

Guriev A.T., Aleshko R.A., Vasendina I.S., Shoshina K.V., Shchenikov V.S. Developing ge-ographic information system based on software with open source.
In the article discusses the problem of software development based on open source software. Provides an overview of the technology used to solve the problem. The article presents the architecture of the developed system for monitoring and management of forest resources based on a software-based open source
Key words: geographic information systems, information systems, monitoring system

Dosko S.I., Kirenkov V.V., Yuganov E.V. Using optimal control methods for solving inverse problems of evaluation of test technical systems results.
The article draws attention to the identity of the methods for solving problems of identification arising from the evaluation of test results of complex dynamic systems, the classical problems of the theory of optimal control. Shows how to use the latest techniques can be very effective for solving certain types of inverse problems both during active and passive experiment. The authors believe that there are many inverse problems, where it will be possible using effective methods of optimal control.
Key words:dynamical system, the inverse problem, the object of control, controller, identifiability, controllability, optimal control law

Kalutzkov O. A., Uvarova L. A. Mathematical modeling of the electromagnetic fields inter-action with small dispersed particles of different geometry and its dynamics.
The model of the electromagnetic waves interaction with small particles and clusters is proposed in the case when the dielectric permittivity of the material depends both on the electric and magnetic fields. We consider the class of the differential equations solutions that is obtained in the framework of the model and allows take into account the geometric structure of the small dispersed particles or clusters. The motion and precipitation of water clusters in narrow tubes is investigated by molecular dynamics methods.
Key words:mathematical modeling, differential equations on graphs, clusters, nanoparticles, molecular dynamics methods

Karlova T. V., Kuznetsova N. M. Sociodynamics model of automated access control to in-formation and software resources of industrial concerns.
The article is devoted to the sociodynamics model of automated access control to confidential information and software. The model can be used in industrial concerns and organizations disposed of confidential information and software.
Key words:sociodynamics, automation, access control, information defense, software, information resources

Nikolaev P.M. Calculating a point on the parametric surface closest to the specified point for the tasks of geometrical shape control.
An algorithm for the calculation of a point on the parametric surface closest to a given point is presented. The algorithmic based on an iterative cycle. As an initial approximation the surface scanning with a defined step is used. To optimizes canning the dimensional checks is proposed to use.
Key words:parametric surface, distance minimization, dimensional check, corresponding point

Polyansky I.S., Stepanov D. E., Frolov M. M. Hybrid genetic method with gradient learning and predictionfor solving global optimization of multiextremal functions.
In the article in order to determine the most effective global optimum multiextremal multivariate functions in the general case containing the points of discontinuity of the first and second kind, proposed modification of the genetic method. Numerical evaluation of the effectiveness of finding the global optimum of the proposed modification of the genetic method in comparison with a standard genetic algorithm and its known modifications made to a select group multiextremal test functions.
Key words:hybrid genetic algorithm, gradient learning, selection with prediction and parabolic interpolation, global optimization, multiextremal function

Rudakov I.., Lukavy A.P. Periodic solutions of a quasilinear wave equations with variable coefficients.
We prove existence theorem for periodic in time solutions of quasilinear wave level of variable coefficients and homogeneous boundary conditions, one of which is a Neumann condition.
Key words:wave equation, periodic solution, sturm-liouville, fourier series

Frolov E.B., Vasilev I.V. Manufacturing Execution Systems - a Tool of Effective control of machine-building manufacturing.
The practice of applying the Russian MES-system at machine-building enterprises is described in this article
Key words:production control, MES-system, overall equipment effectivenes

Florov A. V., Kulikov M. U., Sann Maung. Mathematical modeling of the thermal condition of the tool during turning machine of wheel.
The possibility of creating a method of calculation is not stationary temperature field induced in the material during cutting. A new methodological approach does not determine the steady-state temperature field in a homogeneous material.
Key words:temperature field, calculation of the temperature, not stationary temperature field

Khristophorov E.N., Sakovich N.E., Kuznetsov A.A., Bezzub Y.V. Mathematical simulation workflow model executive hydraulic cylinder locking mechanisms.
A mathematical model and its realizing method of calculation of the workflow executive cylinder locking mechanism with hydraulic tipping device for vehicles - trucks. Developed a program for its implementation on the PC.
Key words:cylinder, safety, operator, mathematical model simulation, loading platform, hydraulic.

Sheptunov S. A., Solomentsev YU.M., KabakI.S., Sukhanov N. V. The modus-ns technolo-gy in development of highly reliable and great vitality control systems for technical objects.
In article the way of creation of highly reliable and great vitality systems, including control sys-tems of complex technical objects in conditions when repair and replacement of their components are essentially impossible is considered.
Key words:reliability, survivability, time between failures, failure rate

Batyrov U.D., Yahutlov M.M., Sheptunov S.A. Effective system of scientific research is the most important component of technology environment of university for training engineer-ing personnel.
Shows an analysis of condition and allocated the main problems of domestic mechanical engi-neering. Were suggested some ways solution of the problem engineering personnel training for modern mechanical engineering. Also noted that carrying out in the university the systemic scientific research works is a requirement for training of qualified personnel
Key words:mechanical engineering, technologies, quality, competitiveness, scientific research, engineering personnel, technological environment

Karlova T.V., Bekmeshov A.Yu., Zapolskaya A.N. Monitoring administrative activity the formation of modern production reserve professionals.
This article proposes an approach, based on which the production is considered as a distributed team of socio-management systems with their specific behavior. This statement encourages the development of new research methods and design of socio-management systems aimed at keeping their description and a behavioral aspect.
Key words:sociodynamics, industrial environment, management system

Konovalov G.I. Methodology making support optimal making at the operational level control machine-building enterprises.
The methodology to support optimal decision-making at the operational level management engineering company, which allows using optimization models and standard planning tools to select the best solution from the point of view of a given optimality criterion and certain restrictions.
Key words:mdecision support system, optimization models, planning tools, operational management level, machine-building enterprise, integrated information environment

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