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Journal "Vestnik BSTU" 4 (44) 2014

Founder is the federal State budgetary
Educational Institution Higher Professional
Education "Bryansk State Technical University"

Editorial board:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Fedonin O. N.

Deputy editor-in-chief
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Sazonov S.P.

Executive secretary
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Tatarintsev V.A.

Members of the editorial board
Averchenkov V.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Buhach A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Gorlenko O.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Erohin D.V, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Klimenko S.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)
Kobischanov V.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Petreshin D.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Pruteanu O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Romania)
Sitazh M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Smolentsev V.P, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Voronezh)
Stepanishev A.F, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor. (Bryansk)
Suslov A.G, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Moscow)
Khandozhko A.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Heifetz M.L, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Belarus)

Registration certificate
by Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation
in Mass Media and the protection of cultural heritage
PI FS77-21709 August 17, 2005

Address editorial office:
7, Bulvar 50-letiya Oktyabrya,
Bryansk, 241035, Russian Federation
tel. (4832) 58-82-77
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Russia press - 18945 semi-annual,
15621 annual.

It is issued in February 2004.
4 numbers a year


Visotskiy A. M., Antipin D.Ya., Kobishanov V.V., Rasin D.Yu. The choice of regular - style design of coach side diploblastic covering. There are the results of the research carried out to analyse the influence of design features of coach side diploblastic covering on its deflected mode. The research is based on the detailed construction of finite - element models
Key words: passenger cars, two-layer lining the side walls of the carrier, mathematical model method, finite-element model, stress strain

Gerasim K.V., Kobishchanov V.V., Rasin D.U. The assaying of the is intense-deformed condition of the body of the semi coach with manholes at falling in it weight blocks.
Congestion of a body of the semi coach with manholes is examined at falling in it weight blocks. For the assaying of a picture of the is intense-deformed condition of a body of a defined value of factors of dynamics and the dynamic voltages arising at falling of a block
Key words: the is intense-deformed condition dynamics factor, dynamic voltages, congestion of a body, a yield point.

Goncharov D.I., Kobishanov V.V., Antipin D.Ya. Research of dynamic characteristics of self-propelled railcars methods of mathematical modeling
On the basis of solid-state computer simulation of the motion of self-propelled railcars "North" performed research parameters of its chassis dynamics. Verification of the results performed in-situ sea trials
Key words: self-propelled railcar, solid-state computer simulation, the dynamic characteristics, motion safety.

Motyanko T.A., Antipin D.Ya., Manueva M.V. The analysis of dynamic loading of upper frame of dumpcar body.
The analysis of dynamic loading of upper frame of dumpcar body is made. The dynamic loading, which are force on the construction in exploitation, is evaluate on the base of solid model of dumpcar body. Analysis of stress stain behavior is made with the aid of detailed plate finite element model.
Key words: dumpcar, upper frame of dumpcar, dynamic loading, mathematical modeling, solid computer car model, finite element analysis, stress strain.

Lebedev V.A., Kobischanov V.V., Antipin D.Y., Racine D.Y. Traffic safety assessment double-decker passenger carriages methods of mathematical modeling.
The evaluation of safety against overturning a two-storey passenger car while driving on rough-styam way. Investigations were carried out on the basis of analytical dependences regulations, method mathematical modeling of the motion of the car, the experimental data
Key words: two-storey passenger car, car body, truck, traffic safety, the safety factor, stability against overturning, dynamic model, the method of mathematical modeling

Chechulin E.S., Antipin D.Ya., Kobishanov V.V., Rasin D.Yu. Research of influence of construction between cars gangways of passenger cars on their dynamic characteristics
By methods of mathematical modeling estimated the impact of design features between car links national passenger cars on their dynamic characteristics. Recommendations to improve the considered structures.
Key words: dynamic characteristics, passenger car, cupling, buffer device, mathematical modeling

Bishutin S.G. Wear resistance of steel cylindrical surfaces of the friction subjected to abrasive grinding.
Results of researches of wear resistance of external cylindrical surfaces of the steel samples subjected to abrasive grinding on different technological modes are submitted. Procedure of an estimation of wear resistance of a surface of a detail is considered on the basis of the received experimental values of intensity of wear process of samples.
Key words: finishing abrasive grinding, modes of grinding, wear resistance of a surface, intensity of wear process

Voinovskiy M. G. The shock absorber (absorbing device) installed on a rolling stock reduce the longitudinal forces acting on the locomotive and wagons.
Development of a new draft gear require large material expenditures. Possibility of modeling different types of tests is allowed to achieve the required performance at the design stage of shock absorber. The article deals with the modeling pile driver test as a kind of bench test. Proposes mathematical model of drop work testing of elastomer draft gear working in laminar mode fluid flowing. Received power characteristics of the device, it was found that the device have time to recover between repeated blows.
Key words: draft gear, elastomer, laminar regime, piling rig

Keglin B.G. The creation of new shock absorbers cars (the experience of the introduction of new technology on railway transport of Russia).
Discusses various aspects of the implementation of new technology on railway transport on at least improve absorbers freight cars absorbing devices of the coupler.
Key words: shock absorbers, rail transport, scientific school, metallocene-economic material

Krakhmalev O.N. Primary deviations geometrical parameters multilink mechanical systems industrial robots and CNC machine tools.
The construction of a model of the deviations of geometrical parameters of the links mechanisms of industrial robots and CNC machine tools.
Key words: precision machine tools, the primary deviation links, deviation of positioning, homogeneous coordinate transformation, models of geometric deviations

Krakhmalev O.N., Petreshin D.I. Simulation of the motion of industrial robots in the Universal Mechanism on the basis of 3D-models.
We consider the construction of dynamic models of manipulation robots in the software package "Universal Mechanism (UM) on the basis of 3D-models of robots developed in specialized CAD-systems.
Key words: industrial robots, dynamic models, 3D-models, CAD-systems

Kulikov M. Yu., Inozemtsev V.E., Nechaev D.A., Myo Naing Oo. The application of blade plate-machining for finishing cutting silumins.
The article describes the technology solution provides the desired surface quality of products from aluminum alloys during their machining. Serves processing method, which is a complex effect on the treated surface of the blade of the tool and electroplating processes.
Key words: anodic machining silumin, roughness, cutting conditions, the effectiveness of the treatment

Machikhina I.O., Kholodovskij V.E. Thermo physical and ispuskateli properties of solid condensed matter in the model of van der vaal's interactions.
Explores the dynamics of monatomic cubic crystal lattice under the influence of the interatomic forces with van der Vaal's nature. The calculated dispersion curves, phonon spectra, the temperature dependence of the energy, heat capacity, mean square displacements for crystals with BCC and FCC lattices. Calculations emissivity of the surface layer of metals, as well as the temperature dependences of the energy, the heat capacity of the thermal motion of the centers of charge of the outer electron shells of the atoms of metals with BCC and FCC lattices.
Key words: dynamic model, lattice, elastic constants, dipole moment, energy, heat capacity, mean square displacement, emissivity

Nagorkin M. N., Totay A. V., Fyodorov V. P. Influence of dynamic characteristics of instruments of elastic action on parameters of quality of surfaces of details of machinery when processing by superficial plastic deformation.
In article influence of dynamic characteristics of instruments of elastic action on technological stability of processes of superficial plastic deformation at a diamond ironing of flat and cylindrical surfaces of details of machinery are considered.
Key words: dynamic scale model, vibration frequency, transfer function, amplitude-frequency characteristic, phase-frequency characteristic, technological flexibility, critical speed of processing

Obozov A.A., Subbotenko D.I. Electronic control system and fuel Common Rail, as a promising direction to improve the characteristics of the diesel engine
Analyzed by means of the electronic control diesel engine. The algorithms work with Common Rail fuel system with electronic control for various operating conditions
Keywords: fuel injection equipment, accumulator fuel system, EDS, an electronic control unit, the form of injection advance angle of fuel injection diesel engines

Fedonin O.N., Petreshin D.I., Ageenko A.V., Handozhko V.A. Features modernization feed drives of CNC lathes.
This article proposes a method for modernizing feed drives of CNC lathes. The features of the application of the tracking actuator on the basis of DC brush motors for CNC lathes. The advantages of the electric servo valve to the dc drive. The features of the modernization drive supply turret CNC machine model 1B340F30 under the Department "Automated technological systems" Bryansk State Technical University. Proposed a functional block diagram of the control system drives innings this machine. Rational choice of scheme management system to avoid the effect of some factors on the accuracy of the actuator supply. The use of the electric servo valve possible to reduce the size of the drive and increase the ratio of power-to-weight.
Key words: motor, DC electric drive, valve electric drive, CNC lathe, modernization

Pleshakov V. V., Shurpo A. N.,. Yegorushkin E. A. Magnetosomes method of controlling residual stresses in the surface layer parts.
The proposed method estimates the plot of the distribution of residual stresses in the surface trace of the det-lei based on an analysis of the amplitude and frequency characteristics magnetosomes signal (spikes Barkhausen). The possibility of choosing the optimal regimes for the control of residual stresses
Key words: magnetosomes control, Barkhausen jumps, residual voltage.

Poroshin V.V., Bogomolov D.G., Nizhnik V.V. Mathematical model of heat flux in continuous media in thin 2d channel with moving rough wall.
The mathematical model of heat flux in continuous media in thin channel with moving rough wall in 2D approach is described.. The results of the comparisons of flow factors and Mussel numbers in channels with smooth walls and channels with real stochastic wall roughness are shown. Both static and dynamic cases were investigated
Key words:thin channel, surface roughness, fluid flow, heat flux, moving walls

Strebkov A.S., Osipov A.V., Zhavrotsky S.V. The influence of turboexpander equipment configuration on energy efficiency of fuel gas power potential using
The calculations of energy efficiency of the power capacity of the fuel gas using a two-line circuit expander-generator set (DGS) with parallel distribution of gas flow between the cylinders of the unit as part of the utilization expansion turbine installation (UTDU). It is shown that taking into account of the assumptions is provided as a capacity increase of DGS, and, accordingly, the development of their energy and a reduction in the unit cost of fuel
Key words: the utilization turboexpander unit, the two-cylinders UTDU, the variable work mode, the energy efficiency, the fuel gas, the specific consumption of heat, the production of electricity

Tanchenko A.Y., Litvinenko A.V., Chepurnoy A.D., Kostenko Y.V., Tkachuk N.A.The method of direct finite perturbation of numerical models for studying of the dynamic, stiffness and strength properties for thin-walled elements of engineering constructions.
The methods of direct perturbation for finite element models of thin-walled engineering constructions for sensitivity analysis of their strength, stiffness and dynamic characteristics to the change in their thickness are proposed. The approach for prediction of distribution for natural frequencies migration as result of change in their thickness are presented. The applicability of the linearized models to determine displacements, stresses and natural frequencies slightly thinned design compared to the nominal (original) are shown. The examples of test problems are given.
Key words:sensitivity, perturbation theory, the stress-strain state, the spectrum of natural vibration frequencies, the finite element method

Petreshin D.I., Fedonin O.N., Karpushkin V.A. The controller for automated systems the collection and analysis the production data.
The scope of application of the automated system for the collection and analysis of actual data with CNC machine tools. Is described a controller provides communication between the CNC and the PC. Is described the structural scheme of the controller and an automated system for the collection and analysis of data from the CNC
Key words: the controller, the automated system, data collection and analysis, CNC, microcontroller, information, PC

Fedyaeva G.A., Tarasov A.N., Kovalev R.W., Mikhalchenko G.S. Dynamic processes in the joint regulation asynchronous traction motors truck of the locomotive.
Examines the dynamic processes in the traction drive with direct torque control regulation asynchronous traction motors are connected in parallel to one inverter, at the limit of adhesion of the wheels and rails, the results of the simulation
Key words:traction motor, induction motors, joint control, direct torque control, dynamic processes modeling

Averchenkov V.I., Leonov E.A., Shkaberin V.A., Ivkina N.N., Kryshnev Yu.V., Starostenko V.O. Forecasting method of flood floods on the basis of open reservoirs basin monitoring.
In the article the mechanisms of complex analysis of data obtained on the basis of information about the condition of the water level in the major tributaries of river basins for timely warning of large-scale floods and prevent their consequences
Key words:flood protection system, monitoring basin reservoirs, , , monitoring the Internet, the creation of complex distributed information systems

Gulakov V.K., Klepinin S.B. Performance improving of fractal encoding based on perceptual hash functions.
The application of fractal encodingfor image recognition is considered, system requirements to computing resources of classic fractal encoding system implementation is analyzed. The proposal for improving performance characteristics is suggested and implemented, obtained results and comparison of two implementations are provided in the last part of article
Key words:fractals; iterated functions system; image recognition; image fractal code; perceptual hashing; fractal encoding based on perceptual hash functions

Podvesovskii A.G., Budylskii D.V. Questions and features of automated social networks monitoring with support of intelligent user messages analysis
An opinion mining monitoring model for social networks introduced. The model includes text mining processing over social network data and uses sentiment analysis approach in particular. Practical usage results of software implementation and its requirements described as well as further research directions
Key words:social network, monitoring, sentiment analysis, neural networks, deep learning

Miroshnikov V.V., Borbatc N.M., Gorlenko O.A. The development of fmea based on the use of fuzzy set theory.
Considered the analysis of the types and effects of potential defects on the basis of application of fuzzy set theory.Proposed baths relevant linguistic variables.The example of calculation priority number of risk on the basis of mathematical operations with fuzzy numbers
Key words:FMEA, fuzzy sets, linguistic variables, fuzzy logic conclusion

Miroshnikov V.V., Efimova G.V., Korolkova T.V. Cluster analysis of the effectiveness of the quality management system.
The proposed method of evaluating the effectiveness of the quality management system on the basis of cluster analysis. Described mathematical tools and algorithms for estimating the change in performance. Results of experimental validation of the proposed method.
Key words:quality management system, performance, cluster analysis

Safonov A.L., Gorlenko O.A. Development of an integrated information system of quality management of industrial enterprise.
In article there aren approach to the integration of the processes of the quality management of industrial enterprise into a common information space through the development of ancomputer-aided quality control system and its integration with other computer-aided systems
Key words:Quality management, computer-aided system, common information space, CIS, Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support, CALS

Fedonin O. N., Skantsev V. M., Kulagina N. A., Atamanova O. V. A methodical approach to assessing the potential of cluster agglomeration in the economy of the region.
The theoretical and methodological approach to the analysis and evaluation of innovative sectors of the economy of the region in which there are real prerequisites for the formation of cluster agglomeration. Proposed to evaluate the potential of clustering to calculate private coefficients, incorporated in two sets of indicators, and then on the basis of the received data to determine the integral indicator of the prospects of the investigated sectors of the economy, taking into account the results of the evaluation and analysis of potential and strategic development of the industry
Key words:cluster agglomeration, regional economy, the coefficients, inter-integrated indicator of economic security of the region

Mikhaylova M. V. Sociodynamics analysis of leadership orientation undergraduates
The results of the study focus on graduates of higher technical educational institutions, showing signs of leadership and their views and understanding of leadership.
Key words:graduate, leader, professional, resilience, focus, self-realization

Novikov A.N., Trjastsin A.P., Yu.N. Baranov A.P., Samusenko V.I., Nikitin A.M. valuation of the effectiveness of the system of training related to the provision of road safety.
he effectiveness of the system of training personnel, providing road safety. Built a tree of objectives in the problem of reducing traffic injuries. Theoretical approaches to the creation of educational systems for training and retraining of staff on road safety the basis of system analysis in order to reduce the likelihood of traffic accidents
Key words:road safety, driver, traffic accident, training, retraining

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