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Journal "Vestnik BSTU" 3 (47) 2015

Founder is the federal State budgetary
Educational Institution Higher Professional
Education "Bryansk State Technical University"

Editorial board:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Fedonin O. N.

Deputy editor-in-chief
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Sazonov S.P.

Executive secretary
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Tatarintsev V.A.

Members of the editorial board
Averchenkov V.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Buhach A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Gorlenko O.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Erohin D.V, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Klimenko S.A, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Ukraine)
Kobischanov V.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Petreshin D.I, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Pruteanu O., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Romania)
Sitazh M., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Poland)
Smolentsev V.P, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Voronezh)
Stepanishev A.F, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor. (Bryansk)
Suslov A.G, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Moscow)
Khandozhko A.V, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Bryansk)
Heifetz M.L, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor (Belarus)

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by Federal Service for Supervision of Legislation
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PI FS77-21709 August 17, 2005

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It is issued in February 2004.
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Barskov V.B., Rassohin V.R., Besedin S.B., Osipov O.A. To the question of the development of highly efficient micro-turbines with independent rotational speeds of the compressor and turbine. In the article the problem arising in the design of small-size turbo-generators (mhtg) in selecting the optimal thermal circuit and layout to maximize the efficiency of the installation. The experience of work on the creation of small mgtg, the features created by the installation and effectiveness of use. Outlines the key ways to improve the efficiency of the installation - the use of regenerative heating air supply before combustion, the increase of gas temperature before the turbine, the achievement of the optimum degree of pressure increase. Marked limitations in efficiency optimization, recommendations on the choice of scheme and layout mgtg, the benefits of the proposed scheme and layout.
Key words: heat scheme, layout, turbine generator, small turbomachinese, a separate drive

ezjazychny V.F., Prokofiev M.A., Filippova A.V. Relationship roughness parameters and work hardening in the surface parts treated turning.
The results of experimental studies of the quality parameters of the surface layer parts (roughness and work hardening) in the processing of turning and analyze their relationship.
Key words: turning, surface roughness, hardening, surface layer quality parameters

Vlasov A. I., Zotin V. F., Potapov L.A. Automation of testing analog chips.
Possible options for automated testing of analog chips with universal testers Formula 2K and PXI hardware company National Instruments, as well as through a dedicated tester TR9574 Hungarian company EMG. Described by authors developed automated testers: ATIKOU (test chip comparators and operational amplifiers) and ATIAUDIO (test chip audio amplifiers).
Key words: automated testing, analog chips, testers, audio amplifiers, comparators, operational amplifiers

Davydov S. V., Boldyrev D.A., Skantsev V.M., Popova L.I. Structural iron with compact forms of graphite.
The identity of the mechanical properties of ductile iron (QP) and cast iron with compact forms of graphite, in particular, with nodular and vermicular graphite (CSWG). Given the fundamental differences in techniques of obtaining QP and CSUG in terms of their labor, material and energy intensity at virtually the identical strength properties shown to be technically and economically preferable for the manufacture of castings of CSWG and other cast iron with a compact form of graphite.
Key words: malleable cast iron, ductile and compacted graphite iron, compact graphite, modification, microstructure, mechanical properties

Drokonov A.M., Drokonov A.E. Updating of Sound-suppressing systems in gas inlet and exhaust strokes of gas turbine plants.
Provides a set of technical solutions aimed at reducing the power plants emitted sound pressure.
Key words: vibrance, damper, turbomachine, sound

Kapitonov A.V., Pashkevich V. M. Research of operational characteristics of planetary ec-centric transfers with the modified profile of teeths.
Results of kinematics and durabilitycomputer modeling of details of planetary eccentric transfergearing are given. The technique of carrying out pilot studies of kinematic accuracy and smoothness of a reducerwork is described. The analysis of the schedule and an amplitude-frequency range of a kinematic error of transfer is carried out.
Key words: planetary eccentric transfer, kinematic accuracy, amplitude-frequency range

Kunitsyn P.P., Pugach L.I., Strebkov A.S. Automation balance calculations system of re-covery feed water at work energy units of thermal power plants.
The problems of optimizing and automating the process of calculating the thermal schemes steam-turbine plants. The possibility of using different means of software Mathcad for calculation of the energy and mass balance of energy units. Investigated the matrix method for solving equations of heat balance diagrams of steam-turbine plants.
Key words: steam-turbine plant, heat balance, mass balance, automation of balance calculations, matrix enthalpies, heat exchanger, optimization

Lozbinev V.P. Analysis of factors providing efficiency of load-bearing elements of the car body.
The factors that determine the performance monocoque cars. New approaches to the evaluation of the stress state of car bodies, the stability of load-bearing elements. The importance of assessing the survivability of bearing elements
Key words: load-bearing structure, strength, stability, survivability load-bearing elements. The article presents the results of research for upsetting tool inserts made of hard alloy VK-20 different manufacturers. All studies were performed according to standard procedures using cer-tified equipment. The results showed that the majority of the inserts (80%) did not meet the re-quirements of GOST 3882-74 for a hard alloy VK20.

Perevezencev V.T., Shilin M.A., Usachev I.I. Experimental investigation of thermal-hydraulic characteristics of direct-flow honeycomb seal at the injection of cooling air.
Experimentally studied the influence of operational and geometrical parameters on flow resistance and heat transfer in honeycomb seals. The relationship between the nature of changes in the degree of intensification of hydraulic resistance, heat and vortex structure in the space of the cell. The effect of blowing cooling air through the surface of the honeycomb structure on the thermal hydraulic characteristics of the seal.
Key words: honeycomb seal, hydraulic resistance, heat transfer, cooling air, cooling efficiency, operating reliability, service life, safe operation

Pinchuk V.V., Inozemtseva N.V. The trial introduction of aggregate modular component parts into the process of developing the hydraulic press and the research results in the modes of briquetting sawdust.
The hydraulic press PRO-60 has been developed at the Gomel State Technical University named after Pavel Sukhoy. It is designed to press fine softwood and hardwood waste into bricks, which might be used for heating dwelling houses, public buildings and working areas. Efficient briquetting modes making it possible to obtain bricks for long-term storage have been established.
Key words: a fuel brick, sawdust, briquetting, a hydraulic press, a hydraulic control unit, import substitution

Pugachev A.A., Bondarenko D.A. Results of the experimental investigationof thermal pro-cesses in induction motor.
The adequacy of researches of characteristics of the traction electric drives with an induction motors by means of scaled physical models is proved by application of two induction motors, 380 and 14 kW. The system of data acquisition and sensors applied to it is described. The technique and results of experimental investigation of thermal processes of heating and cooling in the 14 kW induction motor fed by frequency converter with scalar control and IR-compensation under the low values of the stator current frequency and rotor speed are presented. The rotor bars of the induction motor are determined to be most stressed by overheating under the stator current frequency closed to null, the stator winding becomes the most overheated unit of the induction motor under higher values of the stator current frequency.
Key words: physical modeling, induction motor, heating, cooling, scalar control.

Rudakov I.A. Periodic vibrations of nongomogeneous string with clamped and free ends.
We prove the existence and regularity of infinitely many time-periodic solutions of the quasilin-ear equation vibrations of nongomogeneous string for the case in which the left end of string is clamped and the right end is free. The nonlinear term has power-law growth.
Key words: wave equation, periodic solutions, Sturm-Lioville problem, critical points of the functional.

Sakalo V.I., Guseva U.S., Inshakova T.V. The effect of heat treatment temperature on the mechanical properties of copper M1.
Tensile tests of specimens made from solid copper M1 had been conducted. Samples were subjected to heat treatment by heating to temperatures of 200 to 900C and were cooled in water or air. Values of tensile strength and relative residual elongation were defined. The condi-tions under which solid copper acquires the properties of soft copper installed.
Key words: copper M1, flat specimen, tensile test, mechanical properties, tensile strength, relative residual elongation, temperature of heat treatment

Fedonin O.N., Handozhko V.A., Matlakhov V.P. Automatic three-zone temperature con-trol furnace microprocessor PID controller company OWEN.
The system of automatic control of temperature in chambers three-zone furnace with PID algorithm. Presented educational stand, imitating the work of a three-zone furnace, with independent control of each of the three zones, with microprocessor PID controller model TRM101 company "OWEN". The stand can work both independently and under the control of the SCADA-system.
Key words: automatic control system, automated production, the training stand, three-band furnace

Shchigartsov I.M. Transformation and synthesis of krivoshipno-shatunnyh of mechanisms of piston engines.
Design problems the krivoshipno-shatunnykh of mechanisms of the piston engines corresponding to the set kinematic characteristics are considered. The kinematic analysis the krivoshipno-shatunnykh of the mechanisms transformed according to the requirements providing increase of overall performance of engines is carried out
Keywords: krivoshipno-shatunny mechanisms, piston engines, KShM, kinematic analysis

Averchenkova E.Je., Averchenkov A.B., Kulagina N.F., Cherkasov V.K. Designing of information advising system for estimate of the creation and development potential of cluster agglomeration in the industrial complex of the region.
The theoretical aspects of making the informative advising system are exposed in thise article. It makes to estimate the development potential of regional industrial cluster agglomeration. There is an algorithm of estimation of possibilities of creation and development regional industrial cluster agglomeration. There are possibilities of the evaluated and diagnostic type of informative advising system in the article. It can help to take decisions to the participants of cluster agglo-meration.
Key words: information advising system, cluster agglomeration, industrial complex

Budylski D.V., Podvesovskii A.G. Application of deep learning models for aspect based sentiment analysis.
This paper describes actual problem of sentiment based aspect analysis and four deep learning models: convolutional neural network, recurrent neural network, GRU and LSTM networks. We evaluated these models on Russian text dataset from SentiRuEval-2015. Results show good efficiency and high potential for further natural language processing applica-tions.
Key words:machine learning, aspect based sentiment analysis, neural networks, deep learning

Guriev A. T., Shchenikov V. S., Karlova T. V., Sheptunov S. ., Shoshina K.V. The ap-proaches to the creation and use of geographic information systems for monitoring and management of heterogeneous objects of the Solovetsky Islands.
The process of the use of unmanned drone for orthophoto. An approach to continuous production, handling and use of materials shooting.The technology of the publication of the data, using WEB-technologies
Key words:heterogeneous spatial objects, unmanned drone, the publication of spatial data, web-server, thematic interpretation of the data

Zabolotin V.V., Uvarova L.A., Batrakov N.M., Karlova T. V. Simulation of electromagnetic waves interaction with dispersed particles on the surface layer of the liquid medium
Numerical simulation of the interaction of laser light with dispersed particles at different temper-atures of the surface layer of the oceans and seas. We were obtained shape and amplitude of the acoustic signal formed during this interaction and assess the pressure amplitudes of the acoustic signals at different temperatures of the surface layer of the liquid. The evaluation of the ampli-tude of the acoustic pressure has built its dependence on the surface temperature of the liquid
Key words: disperse systems, laser radiation, the temperature of the surface of the liquid layer, optoacoustics, electromagnetic wave

Karlova T. V., Kuznetsova N.M., Bekmeshov A.Yu. Determination of optimal access level to confidential information in industry.
Complicated information systems are used on modern factories, which proposed to apply of access control systems. The article is devoted to determination of optimal access levels count in depend on information security policy and factory size
Key words:access levels control, information defense

Karlova T.V., Kuznetsova N.M., Mikhaylova M. V. Sound traffic analytic model to prevent of psychological-engineering treats.
Modern society more often comes across with the psychological-engineering treats. Malefactors present themselves as relatives or organization staff for motivation to send money. As a result, even very clever people trust them and take the bait, and only through time understand what had happened. Malefactors often use as instrument the telephone. The article devote to model which allows carrying out analysis of sound traffic for detection of described threat.
Key words: information security, sound traffic analysis

Kondratyev S.E., Kozhevnikov N.O., Ulyanin O.V. Automation of control processes of con-structive electronic structure of the product.
The article reflects questions about management of the constructive electronic structure product at the PLM-system Windchill and questions about organization of exchange of product data in terms of interaction with ERP-system
Key words:constructive electronic structure of the product, PLM-system, reference data, exchange of data between systems, UML sequence diagram

Morozova A.V.,Vasilenko Yu.V., Tyukhta A.V. Diagnostic and neuro-network model of typification and identification of multiparametric social objects.
The techniques experience for the application of the MSO diagnostic neuronal model is presented by the example of a neuro-network quality metering and competence typificat6ion and identification of young engineering experts at the optimization of their selection for vacant seats filling at industrial enterprises
Key words:quality metering, social object, diagnostic model, identification, typification, algorithm, pa-rameter-graph, neuro-network, database, analysis

Solomentsev Y.M., Sheptunov S.A., Sukhanov N.V., Kabak I.S. Automation software reli-ability assessment software for control systems.
Software is complex and expensive product. As to the automation systems are applied the high wants, included reliability of software. To realize projects in the field of automation of technolo-gy processes it is necessary to construct the new software and to improve, adapt and transfer existing software. The field of investigations and trial of software reliability was not automated yet, the instrumental tools are absent, witch can allow to estimate reliability indexes at all stages of software life cycle. In the article it is developed the structure of automation system for soft-ware reliability monitoring.
Key words:software, reliability, fail, model, neuron network

Sukhanova N. V. Improvement of system of distance learning in technical colleges on the basis of artificial neural networks.
Development of information technologies creates conditions for use of system of distance learning in technical colleges. Distance learning sets new tasks for which decision methods of artificial intelligence are required, in this case artificial neural networks. In work requirements to system of distance learning are formulated. The architecture of system of distance learning on the basis of the critical analysis of similar systems is developed.
Key words:distance learning, information security, artificial intelligence, artificial neural networks

Sheptunov S. A., Zapolskaya A.N., Vorobev I. V. Storage of primary and secondary scien-tific information: classification and access
Annotation: The article analyzes the main tools for collecting, processing and analyzing the information necessary for the preparation of research papers, research papers and articles in science journalism. The authors classified the database storing primary and secondary scientific information, describes how to access these international information systems. Among them are allocated the largest and most influential scientometric and bibliographic databases, such as the Web of Science and its components, the system Scopus, Google Scholar, the domestic development of scientometric eLIBRARY, and a number of narrow-profile international databases dedicated to the search of scientific information.
Key words:analysis of scientific information, scientometric databases, storage of scientific information, Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, eLIBRARY

Shinakov K.E., Golembiovskaya O.M., Minina V.A. The formalization of the process of in-formation security risk assessment based on the methodology OCTAVE.
The process of information security risk assessment based on the methodology OCTAVE.
Key words:information security risks, the OCTAVE technique, the value of information resources

Gornostaeva A.N., Gornostaeva I.N. Formation and implementation of the innovation strategy of industrial enterprises on the basis of the scenario approach.
The investment problems of efficiency of investments in innovative energy technologies are discussed. The effectiveness of the innovative-investment project of the company for the installation and subsequent maintenance of solar panels is assessed. The innovative strategy for the effective organization of the installation and subsequent maintenance of solar panels with the influence on the activity of the enterprise environmental factors is developed. The business plan of the company for the installation and subsequent maintenance of solar panels is developed. During the formation of the innovation strategy the scenario method of planning is applied which is not use in the practice of Russian enterprises.
Key words:innovation strategy, innovative energy technologies, investment activity, solar energy, alternative energy sources, scenario approach

Zhenchevskaya N.V., Spasennikov V. V. Comparative analysis of the protection and com-mercialization of innovation in Russia and abroad.
It is shown that the management of the development of small business innovation is concerned with evaluating the measures of support. The comparative analysis of the principles of statistics of small business in Russia and abroad is done. Details the protection of innovation as an object of trade secrets (know-how) and other forms of intellectual property are presented.
Key words:small business of innovation, statistics of innovation, small business, Indicators of innovation, intellectual property

Kirichenko I., A., Sklyar E.N. Research innovation environment territory as a trend in-formation management modern organizations.
The questions of the research area of innovation environment in the context of the marketing concept of innovation, the use of which in the present conditions can improve information provision of research and development for the creation of new types of products, followed by their introduction on the market
Key words:information system, innovations, innovative activity, innovative environment areas, marketing of innovations.

Strizhakova E.N., Strizhakov D.V. Analysis of problems of industry in Russian Federation
The analysis of the structure of industrial production in Russia, the level of profitability by type of activity, an analysis of R & D expenses, as well as trends in the development of industrial production and its prospects are given . To identify and support the key role of the state in regu-lating influence on the Russian economy as a whole, and on the development of industrial poten-tial of the country. Formed the main directions of development and implementation of industrial policy in the Russian Federation.
Key words:industry, industrial policy, industrial production, government support, economic growth, industrialization, profitability

Bulavkina T.A., Neklyudova G.A. Value-cognitive background of formation physical edu-cation of personality students of technical university in education
Experimental study of sociocultural experience of physical training at students of technical colleges. A brief analysis of the semantic system of students in relation to teaching and professional spheres. Methodology and methods of personal constructs.
Key words:cognitive constructs, social and cultural experience of physical training, students of technical colleges

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